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The Upper Limb Unit regularly takes year 3,4 and 5 medical students from the University of Manchester for their SSC, SSM and Project Option periods. We also have students undertaking medical electives. Each is an attachment with the Unit, where students can experience a large specialist orthopaedic unit.

Wrightington Hospital is one of only four specialist Orthopaedic Hospitals in the UK. All the Consultants are both academically active and regularly teach. There is ample opportunity for students, with an interest in Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Sports Medicine to gain and academic experience. The Upper limb Centre has a cadaveric bioskills lab, biomechanics lab. active library and dedicated research support staff to assist and support students. The Unit regularly runs educational conferences and workshops, which the students are welcome to attend.

Aims of the SSC:

  • Experience of pre-and post operative patient care (student will be responsible for named patients under the supervision of an Upper Limb Fellow and SHO's) 
    Develop basic medical skills and interpreting investigations 
  • Contribute to x-ray and trauma meetings and learn x-ray interpretation
  • Experience team working in a multi disciplinary unit
  • Gain experience and understanding of the complex social and medical management of orthopaedic and trauma care 
  • Attend and contribute to Outpatient clinics Develop skills in Pre-Operative clerking of patients and issues relating to Informed Consent.
  • Lead Supervisor: Lennard Funk (Tel: 01257 256415)

Weekly Programme:

a.m   Surgery with Mr Murali at Wrightington
p.m   Outpatient clinic with Mr Hayton - Wrightington (Pre and post op patients with hand, wrist and forearm injuries.)

a.m   Outpatient clinic with Mr Funk at Wrightington (Pre and post op patients with shoulder and elbow injuries. Opportunity to see an ultrasound machine being used and to visualise injuries such as rotator cuff tears.)
p.m   Fracture Clinic at Wigan Hospital  Or   Surgery with Mr Hayton at Wrightington (See variety of ops from carpal tunnel release to ulnar shortening.)

Alternate between:
1. Trauma Surgery List with Mr Funk at Wigan (Large variety of orthopaedic patients, attend trauma meeting and meet patients pre-op.)
2.  Physiotherapy Gym at Wrightington (Chance to see rehabilitation of pre and post operative patients and to learn about the exercise programmes and gym equipment used.)

All day Theatre lists at Wrightington with Mr Funk and Mr Haines (Chance to see open and arthroscopic procedures on the shoulder joint. Also other ops such as repair of pectoralis muscle tears.)
Evening Upper Limb Fellows Meeting (teaching session with the Consultants and Fellows)

Attend Wrightington for clinics/theatre lists
Or   Mr Funk has clinic and surgery at the private hospitals he works at and may let you go if he has no one else with him, good to see the orthopaedic practise in the private setting.
Or visit the English Institute of Sports, this may be a possibility. It was a good opportunity to meet the MDT involved in sports injury rehabilitation e.g physiotherapists, performance analysists, strength coaches, team doctors. There are many professional athletes here, so really interesting if you are interested in sports medicine.

Other Opportunities: 

  • Practice surgical techniques on the shoulder surgical simulators and models 
  • Audit and research projects to get involved in.